Richard barman land lord

A bit about us

Richard took over the micropub in 2015 and it has grown in popularity ever since. Having never run a pub before, it was a big step for Richard but he has revelled in making a long held dream come true.

It occupies part of what was originally known as Star Inn in Shoreham by Sea, which closed its doors about 100 years ago. Before being converted to a micropub in 2014 it was a kitchen shop.


Micropubs  “offer beer lovers choice, keen prices and convivial meeting places”, said Roger Protz, the editor of the Good Beer Guide. “They now exist as far north as Northumbria, across into Lancashire, in Wales and the West Country. There are even two in that bastion of beer-making, Burton upon Trent, which is not short of traditional pubs as well.”

By finding homes in disused or even derelict buildings, micropubs can keep their overheads low and offer beer at more competitive prices than traditional rivals.

The first British micropub opened in east Kent in 2005 after a licensing law shakeup which made it simpler to sell alcohol. The Butcher’s Arms near Herne Bay, housed in a former butcher’s shop, showed what could be done with a small (14ft by 12ft) room, an ale-loving landlord and a back-to-basics desire for conviviality and community.

The Star Inn Shoreham